Dr. Jeffrey Williams, DC
has 10 years of experience in
helping over 4000 people's nicotine addiction.

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Dr. Williams was born and raised in Belleville, IL and graduated from Belleville East High School in 1983. After graduation, he pursued a career as a carpenter, until a severe low back injury ended his future in the construction trade. After extensive rehabilitation from a local chiropractic physician, it became clear that his career goals should direct him to help other people as his physician had done for him. After gaining his pre-requisite classes from Belleville Area College (SWIC) he attended Logan College of Chiropractic and graduated in 1999 with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

After a year building his patient base as an independent contractor, he started the first of two private practices, the first in O’Fallon, IL where he now resides. After 5 years at that location he opened his 2nd facility located in Swansea, IL off of Frank Scott Parkway. He recently returned to O'Fallon, IL to provide easier access to his ever-growing patient base.

Dr Williams’ introduction to auriculotherapy is a very personal and touching story. His Mother, after being diagnosed with COPD at the age of 55, which was directly related to her smoking habit of 35 years, became dependent on the use of supplied oxygen on a 24 hours a day basis at her residence. After 3 years, her supplied oxygen had become unable to sustain her breathing needs and we had no choice but to move her into a nursing home, specializing in respiratory care. There, she lived the last 3 years of her life, until her death, 3 days after her 61 Birthday. Just 3 Months later, his Father, also a smoker for many years, also died from respiratory related complications at the age of 63.

Dr Williams was introduced to auriculotherapy treatments for smoking cessation from a fellow classmate, and after extensive research into auriculotherapy, he immediately felt he could make a difference in peoples lives. Since opening ReNew Auriculotherapy Center, he has treated thousands of patients and has made a substantial difference in the quality of many previous smokers lives.


Dr. Williams has treated over 6000 patients with Auriculotherapy in the treatment of quitting smoking. He has a passion to help his patients with nicotine addiction, because of personal tragic experience in his own personal life.

If you are seeking help for your nicotine addiction, Dr. William's experience speaks for itself.

What Is Auriculotherapy?

Auriculotherapy is non-invasive micro-current stimulation of specific reflex points of the auricle of the external ear for the diagnosis and treatment of nicotine addiction.  These reflex points are connected to nerve centers. The stimulation of these reflex points serves two very important functions.  The first function is to micro-massage the points related to vital organs in order to break up bound nicotine. The second is to stimulate the endorphins (naturally occurring "feel good" hormones), which flood the neuro-receptors that accept nicotine; thereby diminishing the physiological desire for nicotine.

With Renew Auriculotherapy Centers, this stimulation, for those that are serious about achieving their goals, will greatly increase your success in the elimination of nicotine addiction.  

Why Is Renew Different And Better?

FOCUS: At Renew Auriculotherapy Centers, we concentrate on the treatment of a single condition: nicotine addiction. 

EQUIPMENT: The StimFlex 400A represents the latest advancement in the application of auriculotherapy.  This device locates the specific treatment points on the outer ear and precisely stimulates each point at the exact current level required.  The StimFlex 400A even accurately times out the stimulation process for each point.  Translated, the Stimflex 400A provides a much more accurate and effective treatment tool for our patients, thus resulting in a far higher success rate.        

TREATMENT: Under the guidance of the top names in the field, Renew Auriculotherapy Centers have invested a great deal in the process of researching and ultimately developing a customized auriculotherapy technique for the treatment of nicotine addiction.  Additionally, we have designed post-treatment recommendations that further ensure the success of our patients.

RESULTS: Focus on the treatment of nicotine addiction. Utilization of the most advanced specialized auriculotherapy equipment. Application of the most effective techniques equals success and your success equals our reputation.      

Why Quit Now?


Most people are aware that cigarette smoking is a source of lung cancer as well as many other serious illnesses.  Every smoker knows how addictive tobacco can be and how difficult it is to quit.  This is why help is needed in breaking the habit.  Smoking and related illnesses constitute the primary cause of death in industrialized countries. 

It was only recently that nicotine was officially classified as a drug in all respects. Researchers from the tobacco industry have held back data for decades pertaining to its highly addictive nature. Substance addiction is measured by; the difficulty a person encounters when trying to quit, the frequency of relapses, the number of addicts and the worth it has amongst users. In a recent comparison of several drugs including cigarettes, heroin, cocaine and alcohol, it was discovered that cigarettes were the most addictive. Psychological dependence plays as much a role in the addiction to cigarettes as does physical dependence. This is what makes quitting so difficult. 

In a random sample of 1,000 adult male smokers: 

- 1 will die from acts of violence 
- 6 will die in car accidents 
- 250 will die from smoking-related disease 

Cigarettes contain approximately 4000 harmful chemicals that contribute to increased heart rate, circulatory problems, tissue malnourishment, deoxygenated blood, skin discoloration, hair loss, premature aging and reduced breathing capacity. This may also lead to chronic bronchitis, increased carbon monoxide levels and emphysema. There will also be an increase in levels of benzpyrene and other carcinogenic substances which will in turn increase the risk of cancer.


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